Recap of JS World & Vuejs Amsterdam online Conferences

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It's only days after the two largest & most epic conferences JS World Conference & Vuejs Amsterdam came to an end. And this year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we've decided to host them both online. Although we missed seeing all the JavaScript & Vue.js Enthusiasts face-to-face, we're pretty sure that we've broken some records in the numbers of attendees.

We've had 52,142 JavaScript Enthusiasts signed up for a full week of content. And we've recorded a continuous daily turnout of 12,398 unique attendees watching the talks, Q&a sessions, panel discussions, commercials and more.

Just how crazy is that?! We're amazed!

WOW! This is absolutely tremendous outcome! Thinking back to our first JS World Conference on June 22nd 2017 when part of our organisational team teamed up with ING Back to offer a Free Meetup at which 300 people attended. And look where we are now.

I'm so proud of this incredible team and am really looking forward to creating the next conference. Hopefully, the next one can already be in-person, so we can feel & share all the positive energy with the attendees.

Luke Thomas

This year the conferences were FREE & accessible to absolutely everyone with an interest in levelling-up as a developer with an interest in JavaScript of Vue.js. To broadcast the conferences completely free was possible with the help of many sponsors, united by Passionate People's COO, Nick.

This year was truly incredible, and we're so grateful to all 18 sponsors who showed up & supported our mission to bringing the very best content to developers who wanted to level-up their skillset.

Organising such a big conference was seriously no joke. We've brought together 60+ speakers from more than 20 countries. We've broadcasted 100+ Talks, 20 Topics, Panel Discussions, In-depth Interviews & Updates from Creators of Libraries & Authors.

And looking back at it, that's a lot of big numbers. We've asked Jos, our Head of Events just how challenging that was ...

Completely humbled by the experience, speaker participation and positive reactions from the community as a whole!

2020 has been an extreme rollercoaster where we shifted our offline experience to online whilst becoming one of the largest online & offline JavaScript Conferences on the planet!

The conference wouldn't be such a success without our Israel, Engineering Manager who has advised us on the program from a tech perspective, so we could host 5 days of content: DesignOps, Full-Stack, DevOps, JavaScript & Vue.js.

In a spectacular pairing with our Gift, FrontEnd Developer Consultant, Israel welcomed attendees on the LIVE broadcast on all 5 days. And let's not forget all the amazing panel discussions and Q&A sessions they both hosted. They're definitely Passionate People's rising super hosts!

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