Reasons to Sponsor for JSWORLD Conference USA

We are JSworld Conference Frontend Love, an event organiser dedicated to spreading the passion, knowledge and development of all things Frontend for the engineering communities all over the world. Since our first event in February of 2018, our mission has been to build a developer community that shares knowledge in an inclusive and diverse way by offering equal opportunities to all under-represented groups. Since then we have provided the platform for 52,142 attendees to come together to experience the most epic Javascript conferences in the world. If you are interested in becoming a partner, below you will find the top three reasons to be a sponsor at our conference.

  • Awareness. We are currently operating under a niche market where our main target community is made up of diverse Javascript enthusiasts. We offer an audience that is curious about all things development which includes tools derived for learning as well as executing code and much more. Our core demographics include Frontend Javascript Developers, Fullstack Developers, CTO's, Tech Leads and much more. There is the opportunity here to promote your product straight to a niche audience; this is not limited to platform-specific promotion as we offer a range of services.
JSworld Conference USA Demographics
  • Employer Branding. The virtual event setting allows the opportunity for you to speak directly to audience members. We offer a virtual booth where you can chat with audience members to set call to actions or perhaps make offers. We want to provide a platform for those who are hiring to those who may be looking for opportunities. This is also not limited to one channel as we have a job board on our website as well as space on Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube that have large network reaches.
JSworld Conference Social Media Reach
  • Building Trust within the Community. We are committed to each individual sponsor and have been trusted by industry-leading companies such as Passionate People, AWS Amplify, Vercel, MUX, and Storyblok to name a few.

This was an amazing conference, definitely one of my favorite of all time! Organizers were amazing, speakers were taken care of above and beyond what I would have expected. Thank you so much for having me!

This year's Vuejs Amsterdam was an incredible event! Great people, amazing atmosphere and engaged organizers – with that: thanks for having us this year as a partner, see you next year!

We offer a large range of services that have been compiled into packages to meet each companies needs that we have divided into four categories, Platinum, Silver, Gold and Speaker Slot. Below you will find the packages we offer, although we're flexible to have a discussion with you and explore the needs of your company so we can tailor the package just for you.

Sponsorship Packages