JavaScript Meetup History

It was the beginning of summer 2017 when we first partnered up with ING bank to offer a free JavaScript meetup, which was attended by 300 people. Situated directly next to Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA station, the ING office became a conference room, with JavaScript enthusiasts coming from all over the country for a couple of hours of unmatched content. This particular event was so successful that the community itself suggested we got into the conference scene. Shortly after, Frontend Developer Love, Vue.js Amsterdam and React Conference Live were born, evolving over the years into becoming some of the largest JavaScript and Vue.js conferences in the world.

Meetup History

“Great talks, awesome atmosphere, lovely community, and ING just loves the Frontend crew.” – Jitske van de Worp

During this initial meeting, we had the honor to be joined by an amazing line up of speakers passionate about the world of frontend development:

  • Jan Heijmans, Senior Frontend Developer at ING | Making front-end testing fun with Wallaby and Cypress at ING
  • Michiel van der Ros, Lead Frontend Developer at TomTom & Paul Tondeur | Creating the smoothest checkout experience for @Iulia Ivana same question, title of Paul missing :)
  • Dimitris Psaropoulos, Creator of iotaCSS | Building scalable and maintainable design systems
  • Rebecca Hill, Front-end Developer at Usabilla | Serverless (the concept and the framework)

Besides the amazing talks, a wonderful location and a highly insightful experience, we also enjoyed an incredible Indonesian buffet! Little did we know that this small, highly successful Meetup would bring up what we so passionately enjoy doing today: conferences! It was a resounding success and we were all very proud of it. We are looking forward to being able to return in person this year and continue to offer you an amazing experience while allowing you to find out the ins and outs of your favourite JavaScript frameworks.

Meetup History
Meetup History
Meetup History

Eindhoven Conference | November 22

On November 22 [add year], we conquered the tech scene in Eindhoven with the first-ever free Frontend Love conference! Powered by ISAAC and Passionate People, it was our absolute pleasure to bring the Frontend Love spirit of connecting JavaScript leaders to the heart of High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

In an intimate atmosphere of around 300 attendees, we gathered industry-leading speakers for a one day event of learning, collaboration, and most importantly – fun!

Moderated by our colleague and MC Chris Visser, we covered topics from Microfrontends and Web components to Vue, React, and many more!

Meetup History

We were honored to welcome the following experts in the frontend development world to our line-up:

  • Anastasiia Dragich, Software Engineer at | Building Test Strategy for Vue.js application
  • Francisca van Maurik, Frontend Developer | Angular & ElasticSearch: combined forces
  • Jad Joubran, Google Developer Expert, Microsoft MVP and Freelance Web Consultant | Native-like PWAs in Web Components Live-Code
  • Israel Roldan, Consultant Front-end Tech Lead at Nationale Nederlanden | Advanced Vue.JS features and patterns in the enterprise
  • Colin van Eenige, Award-Winning Javascript Developer at DPDK | WebGL Live Demo with THREE.js
  • Pooya Parsa, Core Team Member of Nuxt.js and Vue.js Community Partner | The Evolution of Modern Web and Homo Frontendalis
  • Lucien Immink, Software Architect at ISAAC | One component a day keeps the doctor away
  • Gert Hengeveld, Software engineer at Chroma | Mistakes I made building React Async
Meetup History

The reception was overwhelmingly positive! One of the attendees, a web developer at Deity, wrote in his blog post on about how thrilled he was to have had the opportunity to finally attend a tech conference in Eindhoven instead of travelling all the way to Amsterdam. He was also impressed with the variety of talks and topics presented, particularly Lucien Immink’s use of web components, Jad Joubran’s live-coding presentation, and Gert Hengeveld’s use of “backward testing.”

Meetup History
Meetup History
Meetup History

Frontend Love Meetup Barcelona | May 25th, 2019

Meetup History

As an official kick-off from the Frontend Love and Vue.js road trip to Barcelona on May 25th, 2019, we organized a local meetup in collaboration with Netcentric, A Cognizant Digital Business, who acted both as hosts and sponsors of this event.

The event took place in the Netcentric office, where we welcomed experienced Vue.js developers and Frontend speakers, listened to insightful Vue.js talks, while also having the opportunity to network with a community of Vue.js experts!

Some of the talks of this event included:

  • Creating beautiful smart home apps with ZircleUI and Vue.js | Alvaro Saburido Rodriguez, Frontend Software Engineer at Netcentric
  • Building a multilingual blog using Nuxt and Markdown'| Marina Aisa, UX Engineer at Holaluz

Despite being quite an intimate event, this was also a great opportunity for the attendees to speak with other JavaScript enthusiasts and gain further insights into Vue.js tools and techniques.

Our deepest gratitude goes to Netcentric for hosting and sponsoring this incredible event!

Fast-forward to today

Today, it is one of our main priorities to ensure our conferences bring as much value as possible for attendees from all over the world. JSWORLD Conference, for example, has attracted 52,142 attendees with a continuous daily turnout of 12,398 developers from 120+ countries. Similarly, Vue.js Amsterdam has attracted 30,126 attendees from 120+ countries.

Meetup History

Besides JSWORLD Conferences and Vue.js Amsterdam, we have also worked hard to bring you other conferences within the JavaScript filed, including React and AngularNL conferences.

During both of these conferences, attendees were not only given the opportunity to gain knowledge on the latest industry trends but also learn how to navigate technological challenges from some of the best experts in their fields.

Meetup History

“We want to spread the love for the JavaScript field.” – Jos Gerards

Powered by Passionate People, JSWORLD Conference, Vue.js Amsterdam, React Live and AngularNL have grown into becoming some of the largest tech conferences in the world today.