🔍 Micro-Frontends; Max Gallo will bring us his conclusions with a talk on Micro-Frontends, 3 years after! Learn from Max and other Experts about Micro-Frontends during JSWORLD Conference 2022.

Watch Max's and Luca's highly anticipated Micro-Frontends talk of 3 years ago during our conference together with other Micro-Frontend Talks back over here to freshen up your memory.

Micro-Frontends at DAZN

Listen to Luca & Max with “You Don't Know Micro-frontends” sharing the stage and their experience in DAZN on the Why, What and How of Micro Frontends during their talk 3 years ago at Frontend Developer Love Conference.

Decisions Framework

Mental Model that allows you to design any Micro-Frontends Architecture following a few Key Pillars and cascade all the other decisions. An interesting talk during JSWORLD Conference USA by Luca Mezzalira, Principal Solutions Architect at AWS.

Micro frontends: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Everybody is talking about slicing up the monolith. The goal is to create scalable architectures.

But how can we achieve that? For one project, we have decided to give everything, using cutting-edge technology, micro-services, verticals, server-side rendering, and more.

Talking about upgrading the legacy code base, the plan was to have this greenfield project on separate URLs. We wrote micro-frontends in Vue.js + Vue Server Renderer Plugin, UI Components as web components and first-party libraries in Typescript. In this talk, we'll go through the example of an online shop. I won't try to sell you the idea of micro-frontends. But I can show you what we've learned on this bumpy road with memory leaks and semantic versioning.

Micro-Frontends at Albert Heijn

The Co-Founder of Passionate People, David Den Toom brings a Case Studie of Micro-Frontends at Albert Heijn. Albert Heijn, the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands, had big plans for the future.

But how to make these big plans future proof?

Convincing the decisions makers involved finding answers to what business values can we add? What developer experience can we add?

A storyline of how the developers made this happen!