JSWORLD Conference USA: Meet Our Speakers

Powered by Passionate People, JSWORLD Conference USA will take place on Friday, May 21st. This will be our first conference dedicated to our USA audience – with 20 talks from creators of libraries and authors discussing some of the most relevant JavaScript topics.


Our speakers this year are experts and leaders within the JavaScript field and will cover the most coveted topics in the industry – including micro frontends, Deno.js, Nuxt, StoryBlok, Netlify, MobX, graph database, Jest, and even personal branding for software engineers! You name the topic – we’ve got you covered.

Here are the amazing talks that we think you absolutely should not miss:

Manfred Steyer 🇦🇹 | Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Author with a focus on Angular

  • Manfred’s talk will take a close look at the much-discussed micro frontends, their benefits, and how to implement them. He will offer lots of reasons for using and not using them so that you can decide for yourself if micro frontends are a good choice for your project.

Luca Casonato 🇳🇱 | Core Team Deno.js at Deno.js

  • Deno is a simple, modern and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses V7 and is built in Rust. Luca’s talk will cover all the best things that happened with Deno since the release of 1.0 on May 13th 2020. Not to be missed!

Gift Egwuenu 🇳🇱 | Frontend Developer at Passionate People

  • Gift’s topic will focus on personal branding for Software Engineers. In her talk, Gift will share with the audience actionable steps to take in order to build a brand as a software engineer, and ways this can pivot your career.

Luca Mezzalira 🇬🇧 | Principal Solutions Architect at AWS

  • Luca’s topic centres around micro-frontends as a new architectural trend in the development of front-end applications. Find out how this architectural style can provide several benefits to your projects and organization!

Alba Silvente Fuentes 🇳🇱 | Frontend Consultant at Passionate People

  • Listen to Alba’s talk and find all about how to build a website with technologies such as Nuxt as a site generator, Storyblok as a headlessCMS with an image service provider, and Netlify to host the full static site.

Daniel Phiri 🇳🇬 | Developer Advocate at Strapi

  • Daniel’s talk will take the attendees through building a modular Nuxt web application, that queries a Headless CMS and takes away the need to constantly change the frontend code to accommodate new content.

Noaa Barki 🇮🇱 | Software Developer at Datree.io

  • Are you sharing Noaa’s passion for solid project structure, clean and predictable data-flows and good high performance? You’re in the right place. Tune in to Noaa’s talk to find out about Mobx, how it works and how to use it in order to create a perfect application.

Guy Royse 🇺🇸 | Developer Advocate at Redis Labs

  • Listen to Guy’s talk and listen to insightful ideas about Graph Database. Find out how you can evolve your graph as you encounter new things such as traps or secret doors, among many other unmissable tips!

Lee Robinson 🇺🇸 | Solutions Architect at Vercel

  • During Lee’s talk, you will learn how landing a top spot on Google can have a multi-million dollar impact on your business. Based on that, Lee will explain how Next.js can help you optimize your site’s performance, user experience, and SEO.

Ariane Jurado de Bilbao 🇪🇸 | Frontend Developer at Sngular

  • Listen to Ariane’s talk to find how more about testing in front with Jest and Testing Library!

Joshua Goldberg 🇺🇸 | Senior Frontend Engineer at Codecademy

  • Focusing on building a design system as a team, Joshua’s talk is unmissable! Learn all about techniques you can use as a design system implementer to keep your developers happy and buttons consistent.

Jay Phelps 🇺🇸 | Co-founder at Outsmartly

  • Join Jay as he explains a new approach, Edge Slice Re-rendering (ESR), utilizing static analysis and edge computing to combine Static Site Generation with performant dynamic content.

Daniel France 🇺🇸 | CEO at Voyage | and Jaden Lemmon 🇺🇸| CTO at Voyage

  • Daniel and Jaden believe that ephemeral environments will help reduce friction and create more agile organizations. Find out how to save hours of development by automating staging environments for each feature requests with Voyageapp!

Tracy Lee 🇺🇸 | CEO at This Dot Media

  • Tune in to Tracy’s talk to find out all about GraphQL’s client operations, how to utilize them, how to design your GraphQL API, and developing the server API.

Besides the above-mentioned talks, there will also be various discussions on The Future Of eCommerce, Deno, Angular, Vue, RxJS, and Svelte. Meet the speakers below!


  • Annie Sullivan 🇺🇸 | Core Web Vitals Metrics Team at Google (Panelist)
  • Filip Rakowski 🇵🇱 | Co-Founder and CTO at VueStorefront; Creator of StorefrontUI at VueStorefront (Panelist)
  • Tim Benniks 🇫🇷 | Principal Developer Advocate at Uniform (Panelist)
  • Ishan Anand 🇺🇸 | Co-founder and CTO and Moovweb (Panelist)


  • Luca Casonato 🇳🇱 | Core Team Deno.js at Deno.js (Panelist)
  • Israel Roldan 🇳🇱 | Consultant Tech Lead at Passionate People (Host)


  • Minko Gechev 🇺🇸 | Angular Core Team at Google (Panelist)
  • Israel Roldan 🇳🇱 | Consultant Tech Lead at Passionate People (Host)


  • Evan You 🇺🇸 | Creator at Vue.js (Panelist)
  • Tracy Lee 🇺🇸 | CEO at This Dot Media (Host)
  • Gift Egwuenu 🇳🇱 | Frontend Developer at Passionate People (Host)


  • Ben Lesh 🇺🇸 | RxJS Core Team; React Developer at Cidatel Securities (Panelist)
  • Israel Roldan 🇳🇱 | Consultant Tech Lead at Passionate People (Host)


  • Alexander Esselink 🇳🇱 | Senior Front-end Engineer at Passionate People (Panelist)
  • Amanda Mcdermott 🇺🇸 | Master of Ceremonies (Host)

These are the talks happening on Friday, May 21st, 2021. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to JavaScript leaders and learn from some of the best in their field!

P.S.: Just in case you won't be able to attend the conference broadcast LIVE, but still want to see all the content, don't worry - we've thought of you too.

If you would like to watch back all Conference Talks, Interviews and Panel Discussions we offer you the opportunity to buy all recordings at only €49. More about it here.