ING - Where it all began

At the beginning of summer 2017, more specifically on the 22nd of June, our organizational team teamed up with ING Back to offer a Free Meetup. We had 300 seats available at the lovely office of ING, situated directly next to Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA station.

We had the honour of having these speakers from the frontend development side in the line-up:

  • Jan Heijmans, Senior Frontend Developer at ING - Making front-end testing fun with Wallaby and Cypress at ING
  • Michiel van der Ros, Lead Frontend Developer at TomTom & Paul Tondeur - Creating the smoothest checkout experience for
  • Dimitris Psaropoulos, Creator of iotaCSS - Building scalable and maintainable design systems
  • Rebecca Hill, Front-end Developer at Usabilla - Serverless (the concept and the framework)

Beside the experience, talks, and awesome location, we also enjoyed an incredible Indonesian buffet! It was back then when we realized (with a bit of help from the community!) that we should get into the Conferences scene.

We aimed to create the most awesome experience for attendees from around the world when attending our Conference, and we did by starting Vue.js Amsterdam & Frontend Developer Love. The brands were born. The rest is history. Frontend Love is now the largest Javascript Conference in the Netherlands proudly alongside Vue.js Amsterdam which is the Largest Vue Community Conference & Event in the World.

ING - Jitske v.d. Worp - 2017:

"Great talks, awesome atmosphere, lovely community, and ING just loves the Frontend crew!"