Head of Events: Jos Gerards' Story

Besides being the leading JavaScript Consultancy in the Netherlands, Passionate People is also proud to host the largest tech conferences and community events in the world.

Our current Head of Events, Jos Gerards, has been with the company from its very beginning, being among its very first employees. He started as a community manager, organizing weekly JavaScript meetups all around the Netherlands.

These events were so successful that the community itself suggested the organizers get into the Conference scene. Shortly after, Frontend Developer Love and Vue.js Amsterdam were born, evolving over the years into becoming some of the largest JavaScript and Vue.js conferences in the world.

We were getting more and more requests for the organisation of a Frontend Developer Conference.

Being able to describe an event as “the largest conference in the world,” however, requires a meticulous amount of organization, which is a skill that Jos excels at. He started his career by working in the hospitality industry at the tender age of 16, which offered him great organizational and time management skills.

However, as time went by and he got more experienced in his field, Jos realized that the long hours, as well as the chaotic schedule no longer appealed to him. He then made the switch to working with Passionate People, a company founded by Luke Thomas in 2017.

Since then, Jos has been involved in everything that has to do with the organizational side of our conferences — including planning, budgeting, performing market research, organizing, as well as after-organizing for conferences and events within the JavaScript technology field.

We want to spread the love for the JavaScript field.

It is one of Jos’ main priorities as Head of Events to make sure our conferences bring as much value as possible for attendees from all around the world. JS World Conference, for example, has attracted 52,142 attendees with a continuous daily turnout of 12,398 developers from 120+ countries. Similarly, Vue.js Amsterdam has attracted 30,126 attendees from 120 + countries!

Besides JS World Conference and Vue.js Amsterdam, Jos has also been working hard to plan and prepare other conferences within the JavaScript field, including React Live and AngularNL conferences.

During both conferences, attendees were not only given the opportunity to gain knowledge on the latest industry trends but also learn how to navigate technological challenges from some of the best experts in their fields.

Powered by Passionate People and meticulously planned, researched, and organized by Jos, JS World Conference, Vue.js Amsterdam, React Live, and AngularNL have grown over the years into becoming some of the largest tech conferences in the world.

If you’re interested to learn more about Jos’ career as Head of Events, as well as the behind the scenes of organizing a tech conference, watch this interview with Marc Backes: https://bit.ly/3x42rX4

Decoding The Code #7 - Organizing Tech Conferences - Jos Gerards