Frontend Week

Online Conference

February 2021
75 talks
Panel Discussions
Indepth Interviews


Frontend Week by Frontend Love. Javascript Conference & Community Event of 2021 Learn & Talk Directly with the Frontend Developer Leaders

The Worlds Largest & Most Epic Online Frontend Developer Conference

75+ Talks, 5 Days, 20 Panel Discussions, 25 Indepth Interviews, FREE WORKSHOPS, Q&A with Speakers, Updates from Creators of Libraries & Authors

Topics covered by Talks, Panel Discussions & Q&A:

Javascript, React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, Typescript, Nextjs, Nuxtjs, Web Components, PWA’s, Devops, Cloud, Micro Frontends, Fullstack, Nodejs, Testing, Kubernetes, Webpack

Case Studies from companies such as:

Google, Uber, Amazon, Netlify, Vercel, Adobe, Gitlab, Microsoft, Auth0, Progress

Connecting Global Javascript Leaders

Reasons to attend

Join 75 Javascript Leaders & 0000’s of Frontend Developers from around the world to learn, share secrets and connect online

Frontend Love are bringing you a full week of Frontend Javascript Content comprising of Talks, Presentations, Code Sharing, Live Q&A, Free Workshops, Panel Discussions, Interviews helping you start 2021 with a coding overload of information helping take your Javascript to the next level.

Frontend Week is the all in one Javascript event of the year that will bring you upto date with the influential tools, techniques, frameworks & principles for now and the future. Listen, Learn & even talk directly with the Frontend Developer leaders shaping the future of web development

Speakers from

Creators of Libraries, Founders and speakers from..


Past sponsors

A unique opportunity to promote your company, product, service to a group of passionate, ambitious and dedicated Frontend Developers. You have the chance to increase your Frontend Developer teams knowledge, hire the best talent, Increase your brand awareness, show your investment in the sector and reinforce your teams!

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